Cost-Efficient Land Clearing, Wood Pallet Recycling, and Debris Removal

Landscape Rocks

Farmer's Mulch and Rock, Inc./Grinding Division in Dobson, North Carolina, offers wood debris removal as well as a range of grinding services such as wood pallet recycling, stump grinding, and land clearing for contractors and industrial clients. We specialize in grinding the following materials:

• Demolition Wood
• Stump Pallets
• Shingles
• Railroad Ties
• Tires
• Storm Debris
• Scraps

Using our 12,000-horse power equipment, we can grind your wood wastes fast and efficiently. We have a horizontal Peterson™ grinder and a Diamond Z™ tub grinder which are built and designed to suit small and large operations. The permits necessary for moving the equipment will be handled by our staff.

Land Clearing

We offer this speedy service that includes bark, stump, and tree removal. Land clearing through grinding is the way to go when you’re looking for a safer alternative to burning.

Pallet Recycling

If you have wood pallets for disposal, we can grind them and turn them into dry mulch. You can use dry mulch to protect the plants in your garden.

Contact us in Dobson, North Carolina, for prompt land clearing and wood debris removal services.